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CBD sales

 Midnite Sun Is Proud To Exclusively Sell Green Roads CBD Products

  • 100 MG Blueberry Terpene $34.99
  • 100 MG Strawberry Terpene $34.99
  • 150 MG Relief Cream $39.99
  • 300 MG Blueberry Terpene $69.99
  • 300 MG Strawberry Terpene $69.99
  • 300 MG Tange Terpene $69.99
  • 300 MG Relief Cream $64.99
  • 50 MG Froggie (2 Doses) $7.99
  • 300 MG Relax Bears $45.99
  • 50 MG Sleepy Z's (2 Doses) $9.99
  • 50 MG Relax Bears (2 Doses) $7.99
  • CBD Oil 550 MG $$79.99
  • CBD Oil 350 MG $59.99
  • CBD Oil 100 MG $24.99
  • 75 MG King Kalm (Pet Formula) $39.99
  • 300 MG Fruit Bites $45.99
  • 50 MG Fruit Bites (2 Doses) $7.99
  • 300 MG Pineapple Express Terpene $69.99
  • 100 MG Pineapple Express Terpene $34.99
  • 100 MG Original Nectar Terpene $34.99
  • Heat Relief 250 MG Roll On $58.99

CBD Products Are The New Craze In The Wellness Industry. They Come In A Variety Of Forms Such As Oils (Sublingual– That Means You Put It Under Your Tongue, And Vapable) As Well As Terpenes (Sublingual Resins With Added Benefits), Edibles, And Creams. At Midnite Sun We Did A Ton Of Research To Find The BEST Products For Our Clients. Green Roads Met All Of Our Stringent Standards! Try Them Out Today!

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